Five months away from AISC, we are currently researching and developing the conference program with direct input from early years educators! Please be invited to speak at the extraordinary international schools event and share your wealth of knowledge and pedagogical approaches in early childhood education.

● The length of a presentation / case study: 45 mins
● The length of a workshop / roundtable: 90 mins
● Language: English
● Topic Submission Deadline: 15 September 2017

Speakers will receive a complimentary ticket to register for AISC and the co-located exhibition Learning & Teaching Expo 2017.

Please forward the news to your colleagues now who you think will spark something and embrace innovation. Click for more information about submitting a topic.

AISC 2017 Themes

The AISC provides school leaders at international schools with an annual opportunity to meet and discuss topical issues relevant to their international school communities. The objective of AISC is to bring together the international schools community to explore topical education issues that educators within Asia Pacific international schools are keen to debate.

At AISC 2017 the speaker and conference programme will once again be centred around three separate and concurrent streams:

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[bs_citem title=”Mental Health & Wellbeing” id=”citem_3670-e241″ parent=”collapse_8f2f-ccbc”]

Mental health and wellbeing in education are interdependent. Learning environments that support student mental health focus on their cognitive, emotional and social development – a whole person approach.

Leaders in the field of wellbeing and mindfulness will discuss frameworks and activities to support student’s integrated learning, personal growth and achievement. The stream will focus on supportive approaches including:

  • Developing healthy school communities and positive attitudes
  • Improving lifelong health, values, support and skills
  • Training for detecting changes in behaviour and appearance of students
  • Fostering wellbeing in school communities
  • Improving learning environments and practices in promoting healthy wellbeing, through school and education systems

[bs_citem title=”Early Years Pedagogy” id=”citem_8d26-388a” parent=”collapse_8f2f-ccbc”]

This stream is back by popular demand!

Presentations, case studies and group discussions are aimed at bringing to life the advances in understanding of pedagogical approaches in early childhood education.

Practitioners gather together to build collaborations and share experiences with early childhood professionals from the Asia-Pacific region.

The stream will include presentations and discussions on:

  • The relationship between play and learning
  • Understanding the frameworks governing early childhood care and education
  • Exploring a range of practices and observations
  • Assessment tools for building evidence of young children’s learning and development

[bs_citem title=”Transforming Learning” id=”citem_bc93-3347″ parent=”collapse_8f2f-ccbc”]

Learning how to teach and learn in the digital age is what the educators will explore in this new theme.

The stream will contain an engaging mix of topics about innovative education, revitalizing learning, applied e-learning and technology and enhancing teacher and student creativities.

Join the renowned experts to learn about insights, strategies and practices, delegates will benefit from a variety of presentations, interaction and techniques including:

  • Understanding the latest creative toolkits and practical technologies for use in the classroom
  • Implementing innovative and non-traditional teaching methodology
  • Developing new skills to unleash the intelligence of students
  • Achieving a nimble balance between digital and physical platform
  • Generating discussions and debates on how learning can be topical and relevant


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