The Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC) is the annual event for international school leaders and educators in the Asia Pacific region.


AISC brings together the international schools community to explore topical education issues that educators within Asia Pacific international schools are keen to discuss and debate. At AISC international speakers provide expertise and delegates leave AISC with actionable strategies to implement in their classrooms and schools.


Organised by: 
Bailey Communications HK Ltd.
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English Schools Foundation (ESF)
  • Admission: Tailor-made streams
  • Date: 7 - 8 December 2022 (Wednesday & Thursday)
  • Venue: Hall 3CDE, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Co-located event: Learning & Teaching Expo (7 - 9 December 2022, Wednesday - Friday)

AISC 2022 Themes

The way in which learning is delivered in international schools has undergone a huge change since the start of the millennium. Students and teachers are now so comprehensively skilled in the way that they use learning technology, that it’s not something that they think about, it is just part of school life.

The global pandemic prompted an unprecedented experiment, with the enforced use of digital learning. This has stimulated a debate about the future delivery of learning in the traditional classroom structure and the opportunity and potential for far-reaching changes.

In this AISC stream we will explore how educators will use what has been learned during the past three years to make positive changes to the way learning is delivered. Drawing on the research and ideas of leading school leaders, academics and educational experts AISC will provide a hands-on view of the changes that are likely to be commonplace in schools, in the very near future.

If you look around Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific Region at the number of female principals and vice-principals at international schools (particularly in secondary schools) it quickly becomes clear that there is a lack of gender diversity. There is a need for female educators to be nurtured and supported,
inspired and empowered to achieve their full potential.

Last year at AISC we hosted a Discourse in Supporting Women in Leadership out of which the leaders of the discourse went on to form the Womens Education Network for HK (WEN HK). We are pleased to partner with the newly formed group to address the issue of gender diversity in international school leadership, because a more diverse group of leaders in international schools must only be of benefit to all stakeholders. The stream is aimed at all those who aspire to move into a leadership role or those already in a senior role looking to progress. Presentations and workshops offer practical advice and coaching relevant to all women across the education sector, from primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities.

Factoring ESG considerations into governance and decision making has become commonplace in organisations over the past decade and now it’s the turn of International Schools.

Parents and students, teaching and non-teaching staff, and regulatory organisations are interested in ethical considerations and the alignment with their own values. This is a complex and wide-ranging subject, and it requires the school to take a holistic approach.

So what does ESG mean for schools; Environmental looks at the sustainability of the schools as well as the integration of the topic into the curriculum. The Social aspect covers diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as the morals and ethics upon which the school is bound to uphold. Governance is about the accountability of the leadership to ensure that in a VUCA world there is clarity around the code of conduct and ideals used to make decisions. There is plenty to unpack so expect some thought-provoking sessions in this AISC stream.


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Date & Time

2022-12-7 (Wednesday)
2022-12-8 (Thursday)


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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