Dr. Hayes Tang

Assistant Professor
Department of Education Policy and Leadership


Dr Hayes TANG is Programme Leader of Master of Arts in Leading Innovative Learning Organizations (LILO) and Assistant Profession (Sociology of Education) at the Education University of Hong Kong. He is an internationally active researcher of academic entrepreneurialism, higher education and youth studies.


Leading Innovative Change for Future-oriented Education: Entrepreneurial Schools, Entrepreneurial Teachers


We, and our students, are living in a century of accelerating changes. This session will benefit participants to consider how the changing world needs entrepreneurial education and curriculum, and why school leaders and teachers with entrepreneurial mindset and international perspectives will deliver the future-oriented education better. Drawing on the hands-on experiences and observations of several recent large-scale projects of entrepreneurial teachers in Hong Kong, this session will bring together professional teachers to discuss the innovative practices which embrace change and maintain continuity for the outcome of transformative school improvement. More importantly, we will explore the concept of boundaries and borders ‘crossing’ (academic subjects, level of study, schools, education-real world, international-local), and how it stimulates educational innovations by creative combination and inventions. Rather than being led by change, entrepreneurial mindset and competence will enable us to keep pace with knowledge revolution, navigate ‘change leadership’ and become change makers in international education.

During this workshop participants will:
  1. New ideas for innovating your everyday practices as professional teachers or school leaders
  2. Updated trends and good practices of educational innovations and leadership
  3. Exploring the formulate: Transformative School Improvement = Change + Continuity
  4. Practical ways for developing sustainable and socially-responsible entrepreneurialism in your team, school or organisation
Supporting Partner
Conference Info

Date & Time

2020-12-9 (Wednesday)
2020-12-10 (Thursday)


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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