Dr. Jan Gube

Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Education University of Hong Kong


Jan Gube is Assistant Professor at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, The Education University of Hong Kong. He initially trained in language studies and has since dedicated his career to understanding the lives and supporting the education of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. His research is concerned with larger questions about diversity, equity, race and ethnicity with an emphasis on the nexus between schooling and cultural identities, including the implications of these for curriculum and practice. This research has appeared in journals such as Integrative Psychological Behavioral Science, Identities, Visual Studies, Culture & Psychology, and Knowledge Cultures. He also co-edited Education, Ethnicity and Equity in the Multilingual Asian Context published by Springer. In 2017, his PhD was designated the Outstanding Postgraduate Thesis Award by the International Education Association of Australia. In 2019, he received the International Travel Award from the International Relations Committee of American Educational Research Association.


Cultural wellbeing: Diversity as a condition for culturally-safe learning spaces


English medium schools in Hong Kong are ethno-culturally diverse. Despite the varying degree of emphasis of school curricula—local or international—in instilling global mindedness in students, much less is discussed with regards to the impact of cultural diversity in the day-to-day running of schools. This presentation looks at the links between cultural wellbeing and diversity with reference to research with local ethnically diverse secondary schools. It shows how diversity, through teachers’ interpretation of global education and students’ inclination towards having ethnically diverse peers, is constructed as a comfort zone, or, what I call culturally-safe space. This understanding raises questions about the extent to which schools take actions to foster cultural safeness in schools, which plays a tacit role in fostering student wellbeing.

During this workshop participants will:
  1. Consider how a group of teachers interpret global education in their school setting
  2. Identify opportunities and initiatives that help ethnically diverse students feel safe in schools
  3. Reflect on the challenges that these teachers and students face as they engage with the local Chinese community
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Date & Time

2021-12-8 (Wednesday)
2021-12-9 (Thursday)


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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