Dr. Reena Gogna

Consultant School Psychologist, Harrow International School, Hong Kong


Dr Reena Gogna became the School's first psychologist when she arrived in 2013. She undertook her doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology and previously worked for Cambridgeshire County Council as a Child and Educational Psychologist with responsibilities attached to 19 schools. Her doctoral thesis was on wellbeing experiences of adolescent students with a speech and language impairment. Currently, Dr Gogna divides her time equally amongst parents, students and staff and engages in a number of proactive interventions like parenting workshops and programmes, group programmes for students to promote resilience and reduce anxieties and training for staff on developing their own pastoral care of students. Furthermore, she plays a key role in overseeing the wellbeing curriculum known as the Facing Challenges programme that aims to develop resilience and key life skills to help pupils prepare for the 21st century. Reactively, through the school’s pastoral system, she advises, consults and supports staff and parents in addition to providing therapy support to students individually and in small groups. Additionally, Dr Gogna supervises a number of trainees undertaking their MA in Counselling (HKU and Monash) placement at Harrow and oversees the counselling provision.


How the role of the Consultant School Psychologist empowers all key stakeholders to support wellbeing in young people


To discuss the importance of the role of the Consultant School Psychologist (CSP) in delivering a model of holistic pastoral care through empowering key stakeholders to nurture, develop and maximise pupils’ wellbeing. Furthermore, there will be a focus on key reflections from seven years of practice at Harrow Hong Kong and more importantly what are the considerations to ensure best practice to enable all educators to have a responsibility to develop the learning potential and wellbeing needs of all pupils. “Ultimately we need to teach people how to fish rather than give them fish. If you give people a fish, you only satisfy their short-term need. But if you teach a person how to fish, you are teaching him a lifelong skill that can satisfy his need”. This quote lies in the core of my philosophy of what best practice looks like and this will be discussed in the presentation.

During this workshop participants will:

Dr Gogna will share her current model of practice with a view of discussing the different approaches for implementing a holistic model to pastoral care. This includes acting as a role of a consultant, to deliver a programme on a systemic level, to engaging in training for staff, and deliver coaching/counselling. With seven years of experience in her current role at Harrow Hong Kong, she aims to share key reflections which centre around her philosophy on how she can empower others to support the learning and wellbeing needs of pupils in their care which is essential for long-term success.

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Date & Time

2020-12-9 (Wednesday)
2020-12-10 (Thursday)


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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