Pressure to succeed is high for all students; be they students at local or international schools. Preventing tragedies and ensuring student’s mental health is a priority and the responsibility lies with support from schools leaders, teachers and parents.

The 3rd annual Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC) offers an annual meeting place for educators and thought leaders at international schools. At AISC 2017 in December (14th and 15th) the importance of how to support student’s mental health, by providing a nurturing environment, will be a key theme.

Recently the AISC team visited Nord Anglia International School to see and understand the school environment and to interview the Principal Mr. Brian Cooklin.

“If you want your child to progress, the focus is not the amount; it is the quality of what they do.” Mr. Cooklin believes there is no limit to what a child is able to achieve. In order to encourage children to be ambitious, students are rewarded with achievement chips from teachers and principal when they achieve specific goals.

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Mr. Cooklin emphasised that learning to be part of a team is also essential to build an individual’s social skills; there’s no I in a ‘TEAM’. Learning activities are organised to promote peer support groups to enhance group work and to provide opportunities for students to help each other.

The Nord Anglia philosophy is about supporting each individual student. In order to do this; they need to understand each child as an individual. Subjects such as art, music, drama, PE, mandarin, provide children with opportunity to build up their confidence, whilst they are learning.

Mr. Cooklin said, “each class has the opportunity to present a project at assembly this helps build student confidence and increase a student’s ability to succeed and deal with pressure; they also have to understand failure and how to accept, in order to progress”.

“Awareness of the staff’s wellbeing is also considered” said by Mr. Cooklin.

Staff Health days are one of the training days at Nord Anglia. Teachers are encouraged to release their stress in an effective way.

Mr. Cooklin also mentioned mindfulness and meditation and how they are important strategies for all people to reduce stress and help focus the mind. Ultimately, teachers and students are all happy in a positive and energetic environment.

Last but not least, Mr. Brian Cooklin suggested that practical case studies and workshop are needed for delegates to take away in terms of how to improve learning.



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