Sadly, child abuse, violence and exploitation have become common around the globe.How do international schools avoid and respond to child abusers and child sex offenders? 

Regardless of location, curriculum or school size, teachers are always the front-line staff who may be able to detect any child abuses in schools. However it is difficult to provide sufficient teacher support and professional awareness without time, knowledge, resources and expertise.

How do you judge the ability of teachers to identify indicators AISC Child Safeguarding of child abuse? What check’s and standards should international schools be introducing to ensure the safety of students?

International Child Protection Experts Jane Larsson together with Colin Bell are going to lead a thought provoking presentation on Child Safeguarding at Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC) this December 9th-10th in Hong Kong.

The International Task Force on Child Protection has identified essential questions to promote dialogue, stimulate research and inform the development of practices that international schools should adopt to ensure high level of child protection.

Reviewing international school safeguarding policies, providing teacher training and resources, updating school guidelines, seeking advice from community agencies and organisations, looking into sample forms and protocols, are all issues that will be debated.

Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC) delegates will be able to review these questions with their fellows, assess their own schools’ child safeguarding effectiveness and identify strategies for improvement.

This is your chance to join AISC as a guest speaker and thought leader, presenting your insights into education to your peers at international schools in the Asia-Pacific region. Please click here to submit your outline paper or fill in the form below.

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