Miss Parul Methi

Student, King George V School / Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education


My name is Parul Methi, I am currently a student at King George V School and an avid member of the Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education. For the past 4 years, this academy has provided me with countless opportunities that have catered towards my interests in computer science and helped me further involve myself in the subject. One of the most important opportunities has been the HKGAP. The Hong Kong Gifted Apprenticeship Program, in which I was assigned to a mentor to embark on a 2 year long apprenticeship to come up with a project regarding my interests. From this, we had decided to do a thorough analysis of the Hong Kong strategic papers and the overall situation of Technology in Hong Kong Education. This has lead to writing a paper to show the outcomes of this research, which I would like to further share at the AISC to show how technology may be better used in Hong Kong education as well as how its immense capabilities can completely change our outlook on education.


Technology in Education


Technology can be seen perpetually in our everyday lives and can be used to improve our methods of learning and maximize productivity. The integration of technology and digitization of the traditional classroom will provide an effective setting to create an interactive and all-inclusive learning style to connect students and teachers. This talk aims to evaluate and analyse Technology in Hong Kong Education through evidence of the Hong Kong strategic papers and past policies that were implemented since. It will further provide insight into infrastructure of the system as well as how the ideal movement from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered approach can be further assisted through the usage of IT. Additionally providing comparison to other countries to better perceive solutions that could ameliorate our current position with IT in education.

During this workshop participants will:

To inform the audience about the past state of Technology in Hong Kong Education, its current state, as well as how it can be improved in comparison to other countries in the near future. Some sub-topics I would like to cover regard the infrastructure of IT, the growing technological market, the digital gap, how programming is relevant, active and passive learners, etc.