Mr. Lance King

Founder, The Art of Learning


Lance King is an internationally recognized author, teacher and workshop facilitator who, in the last 25 years, has worked with over 250,000 students worldwide as well as many thousands of their teachers and parents. He is the creator of the Art of Learning programme taught in over 300 schools in 37 countries and is a specialist in the direct teaching of 21st Century Skills. Within the International Baccalaureate Organisation he designed and developed the Approaches to Learning (ATL) framework for both the MYP and DP programmes which is currently being implemented in more than 4000 IB schools in 150 countries. He is a sought-after presenter for his workshops for teachers, students and parents and is also the author of six books on teaching and learning, two of which are now translated into Chinese, French, Vietnamese and Spanish. Lance is married with four grown-up children, lives in Raglan, New Zealand and divides his time between delivering workshops around the world and writing.


Learning the skills of remote self-managed learning - remotely


The real lessons we can all learn from Covid 19 are that:

  1. teachers need to be very familiar with every website that teaches their subject matter – both the free and the paid sites and schools need to invest in subscriptions for teachers in all the best sites
  2. teachers need comprehensive training in how to design engaging, independent learning lessons for their students that utilise the best on-line resources available remotely
  3. students need to be taught all the ATL/21st C skills they need for effective self-managed learning
  4. at school, students need training in and regular practice of the management of their own learning
  5. becoming an effective, successful self-managed learner needs to be made into a high status achievement at school, something all children will aspire to

In this presentation all these themes will be explained and explored.

During this workshop participants will:
  1. a new vision of school-based education focused around student self-management of learning
  2. an understanding of how to create engaging, independent learning lessons for students that utilise the best on-line resources available remotely
  3. system of teaching students the skills of remote self-managed learning – remotely
  4. a planning tool to make ‘becoming a self-managed learner’ a high status outcome in school that all students will aspire to
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Date & Time

2020-12-9 (Wednesday)
2020-12-10 (Thursday)


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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