Ms. Carla Nagel

Primary School Counsellor and Child Protection and Crisis Response Officer


Carla is the Primary School Counsellor and Child Protection and Crisis Response Officer. Carla firmly believes that social emotional development is vital for children to reach their true potential and that social emotional learning tools and strategies can enhance learning experiences, exploration, interactions and solve problems. Carla’s areas of expertise also include providing support services to students and families; she particularly specialises in the areas of inclusion, brain development, problem-solving, child protection, and a range of eclectic therapies. Carla is a highly accomplished and proficient educator who has experience as a presenter, supervisor, mentor and other leadership roles within counselling and education. She is also qualified with the British Psychological Society as a test user. Carla studied Psychology in Bath, U.K., Education in Wales and earned a Masters in Counselling and therapies from Monash University, Australia. Carla is always open to learning and trying new things. In addition to her role, she is very sociable and involved in her community. Her passions include outdoor adventures and sports; in particular, she is an avid rugby supporter. Carla is passionate in pursuit of the performing arts and singing. Her two children also attend Hong Kong Academy and as a family they value being part of HKA’s community.


Building a Culture of Wellbeing in School Communities


Community wellbeing is at the heart of supporting, developing and nurturing student wellbeing. This presentation/workshop will share the important partnership between Educational Leadership and the School Counsellor in building a culture of wellbeing within a school community. Wellbeing is a collective responsibility which must be intentional and include the entire school community. Learn about HKA’s journey to wellness and wellbeing and begin your school’s journey through a clear understanding of definition, strategies, and tools to develop wellbeing and monitor continued success. Faculty and staff who are motivated and inspired build a thriving community of wellbeing. Participants will learn about the powerful impact community wellbeing has on student agency, efficacy, voice, self-esteem and learning.

During this workshop participants will:
  1. Understanding wellbeing and the impact it has on learning and social emotional development.
  2. How to build a community of wellbeing and develop a toolkit to be intentional.
  3. Emphasis on the importance of relationship and partnership between Educational Leadership and School Counsellors.
  4. Evidence of student voice and agency through wellbeing empowerment.
  5. Strategies to implement and assess wellbeing.
  6. A range of resources will be shared.
Supporting Partner
Conference Info

Date & Time

2020-12-9 (Wednesday)
2020-12-10 (Thursday)


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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