Ms. Jacqueline Harmer

Head of International Primary Curriculum
International Curriculum Association


Jacqueline Harmer is the head of the awarding winning International Primary Curriculum (IPC). She led the intensive review of the IPC (2019-2022) with educators from around the world. Jacqueline regularly writes about the IPC, learning and assessment. She was recently published by Edutopia, and she has also contributed to articles for the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.


Beyond International Mindedness


Within this session, I will reimagine international education by highlighting that International Mindedness needs to be reinforced to allow learners to be active rather than remaining solely an attitudinal concept.

If we are to secure a healthy future for our planet from environmental, social, political and cultural perspectives, we need learners to become agents of change.

We have now defined Global Competence referring to Boix Mansilla & Jackson’s model made up of 4 aspects that can be used to shape international education and lead learners “to be informed, globally competent, future-ready, socially conscious and motivated to positively contribute within a local and/or global context” as expressed in the IPC vision for learners.
Examples of how we have embedded Global Competence across the curriculum that could be replicated in schools include:

• Action emphasis in the Process to Facilitate Learning.
• Revised International Learning outcomes and tasks.
• Promotion of choice through learning about host, home, heritage and adopted countries.
• Units of Learning on the Sustainable

Development Goals exploring how learners can contribute to reducing or solving problems.
With reference to the OECD PISA global competence framework, the ICA and Asia Society we will inspire you to reimagine international education.

During this workshop participants will:

To inform the audience about the past state of Technology in Hong Kong Education, its current state, as well as how it can be improved in comparison to other countries in the near future. Some sub-topics I would like to cover regard the infrastructure of IT, the growing technological market, the digital gap, how programming is relevant, active and passive learners, etc.

Expected Outcomes of the Presentation:

Teachers and leaders will see how Global Competence can be fostered in their schools and combined with Learner Agency lead to taking action locally and or globally.

The importance of Global Competence as a bolster to International Mindedness will be understood.

Schools will have ideas for extending international learning to include addressing world issues including the SDGs.

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Date & Time

2023-12-13 (Wednesday)
2023-12-14 (Thursday)


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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