Ms. Jannie Tam

Founder and Senior Director,
GROWDynamics Talent Development


Ms. Jannie Tam, Founder and Senior Director of GROWDynamics Talent Development, is a veteran in media, edutainment and content industry. She was the General Manager of Australian #1 bookstore chain Dymocks in Hong Kong and a corporate intrapreneur who launched Disney Channel and Yahoo! in Asia. At GROWDynamics, Jannie focuses on talent development for a new global market which requires essential soft skills including leadership mindset, language and cultural capital in the AI digital age.

Holding BA English Language and Literature from Soochow University, Taiwan and MBA from Edinburgh Business School. Hariot-Watt University, Scotland, Jannie is also a DBA candidate and a strong advocate of literary and literacy work in the region to build multi-cultural and globalised talents. Jannie is a seasoned speaker with media and TV appearance in Greater China and Australia.


The vital role of female education leaders in providing human centric and balanced education for the world of tomorrow


With an increased premium on both digital and social-emotion skills in the coming years, we see the gap between education and jobs further widened. The new market is one constantly changing, and when technology seems to be a key focus in this AI digital age, we also recognize the increasing importance of human centric development and balanced education. This is further reinforced by the accelerated COVID-19 pandemic, when ESG (environmental, social and governance) are coming to the fore for businesses thriving to create success based on sustainable principles for our world today and tomorrow. This brings a new purpose for learning and work.

As such, female education leaders today play a vital role in instilling human, cultural and social capital to build a new generation of leaders who are both innovative and empathetic for human flourishing. As we keep ourselves abreast of the new economy and actively engage/equip our young generation to build the right mindset and skills for a new global market, our purpose of being a female education leader also comes to a new height.

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2021-12-8 (Wednesday)
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