Ms. Katie Stears

Inclusion, Teaching and Learning Sha Tin Junior School, English Schools Foundation


Katie is currently taking on the role of Inclusion, Teaching and Learning at Sha Tin Junior School, ESF. For the past 8 years she has taught in Hong Kong as a mainstream and learning support class teacher, as well as a specialist teacher of Information & Digital Literacies. Prior to this she worked in England as an Assistant Head. Katie is a Google Certified Trainer and promotes the use of multiliteracy skills. She is also an advocate of establishing a culture of thinking and developing inclusive learning environments. Katie has gained a Masters in Education and is constantly learning and reflecting on her practice.


Fostering intrinsic motivation in an inclusive learning environment

  1. Why is it important to foster intrinsic motivation?
  2. How can we create a learning community that promotes student agency?
  3. How can we foster a learning environment that promotes positive relationships and intrinsic motivation?
  4. What approaches can we take to foster a growth mindset?
  5. What does an inclusive class community look like when there are no external rewards?

Influenced by the work of Alfie Kohn, Carol Dweck and other educational thinkers, I have been pondering the above questions and carrying out action research with the students I have been teaching. In this session I will share the approaches that I have used in order to foster intrinsic motivation in an inclusive learning environment.

During this workshop participants will:

Attendees will gain an understanding of why it is important to foster intrinsic motivation in order to promote student agency and develop the class community. They will learn about approaches that they can use in their own setting in order to support positive student relationships in an inclusive learning environment.