Ms. Shubha Koshy

Head of EAP, Advisor Teaching & Learning, West Island School, ESF


Shubha Koshy has been teaching at international schools in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region for 27 years. She has an MA in Linguistics and an M.Ed from the University of Nottingham in the UK. She followed this with a Diploma in Frontline Management at International Schools from the HKIEd and CUHK. She has previously been a workshop leader for the IBO and provides teacher training across ESF schools. Shubha is currently Head of EAP & advises on global citizenship, language policy & inclusion at West Island School, Hong Kong.
Shubha is particularly concerned with teen wellbeing in the current age of social media and high stress, urban lifestyles. She is involved in implementing Visible Thinking Routines to change Cultures of Thinking in the 11-18, secondary classroom. Shubha is a published author of a Student Book and Teacher Guide for the Cambridge IGCSE ESL by HarperCollins, London (2017) and has presented at the 2018 IAFOR conference on International Mindedness, ACAMIS,2016 and the 2015 AISC conferences. Shubha is a member of the International SEE Learning Committee led by Emory University. She is the lead SEE Learning representative at WIS, investigating the integration of the SEE Learning framework into secondary curricula.


Tempting Teens to SEE: Social Emotional Ethical Learning


Teenagers today inhabit high-stress urban environments both online and in our cities. They are often buffeted by multiple pressures: parental, academic & social-emotional. Teenagers are looking for ways to explore and affirm their own identities. They need the tools to navigate a world that is increasingly VUCA: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Emory University’s SEE Learning offers solutions that are scientific, resiliency-based and trauma-informed, allowing students critical insights into their own growth and development as individuals. Through a variety of reflective practices, students are invited to experience and experiment with the knowledge provided, to create a deeply embodied understanding of their own and others’ needs. This is a framework that develops students’ awareness, compassion and engagement with the world around them. This presentation will discuss the highlights of the SEE Learning Framework and the gifts it offers secondary education through critical insight and experiential learning.

During this workshop participants will:
  1. Understand the need for social, emotional and ethical learning in a secondary education
  2. Explore the importance of experiential learning grounded in reflective practices for teens.
  3. Explore the highlights of the SEE Learning Framework and its possibilities.
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Conference Info

Date & Time

2020-12-9 (Wednesday)
2020-12-10 (Thursday)


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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