Mr. Andrew Wailes
Learning Support,Victoria Shanghai Academy

Mr Andrew Wailes is the Head of Learning Enhancement at Victoria Shanghai Academy. Originally from the US, he is a graduate of Columbia University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Creative Writing. He began his teaching career as a New York City Teaching Fellow, while pursuing a city-sponsored Master’s degree in Special Education. Upon graduating, Andrew became an adjunct lecturer at New York’s Hunter College before transitioning to Hong Kong, where he has lived for the past five years. Andrew is a passionate educator, mentor, and student advocate.


Models of Mentoring

The Victoria Shanghai Academy team will describe and discuss three forms of mentoring that they have implemented at their school. The first, peer mentoring, involves students supporting each other with homework completion and social-emotional development through a club they refer to as ‘Learning Buddies.’ The second, teacher mentoring, has students paired with a teacher mentor who supports them in developing academic skills. Lastly, in the form of ‘coffee mornings’ and workshops, they engage parents in conversations around parenting, social-emotional learning and academic support. They describe how they have implemented each form of mentoring, discuss lessons learned, and seek to show how each form of mentoring has impacted their community.

During this presentation participants will:

In sharing their experiences, they hope to give participants ideas that they can take back to their schools and try themselves. They have seen improvements in student learning and engagement in those who have participated in these mentoring programs. They have also noticed increased levels of targeted and thoughtful support from parents who regularly come to their sessions. Mentoring has proven to be a worthwhile use of time and resources in the school community, and they hope to inspire others to develop their own similar programs.

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