Dr Anne Raynor Shipton
Head of Learning Support, Kent College, Dubai

Anne Shipton is the Senior School Learning Support Coordinator at Kent College, Dubai. As a new school, this position has included setting up the department from introducing policy and procedure through to the identification of students who need support, introducing support and intervention, and establishing a system for ensuring appropriate exam access arrangements.

Prior to Kent College, Anne worked for an ADEC school as Head of Learning Support, and has a real understanding of the issues SENCOs have in the UAE. She has many years’ experience working in the field of special needs and in mainstream schools, both as an SEN practitioner and also as a senior leader and headteacher. Anne is also a trained compliance inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate and is an Cambridge International Teacher Trainer. She has delivered training both in the UK at SENCo forums and as part of the National College of School Leadership, as well as internationally as part of the European Educational Research Association.

Anne has a Masters in therapeutic support for children and a Doctorate in Education.


Developing the Inclusion Agenda: Implications for Leadership

The central theme of this workshop is that inclusion doesn’t just happen and it must be led by a senior and middle leadership team who have a clear understanding of what effective inclusion means and looks like. This workshop is for SLT and SENDCos and looks at what effective leadership for inclusion looks like and what is needed to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the process.

During this workshop participants will:

This workshop will give senior and middle leader the opportunity to develop a sense of what true inclusion looks like and the role they play to ensure that it happens in their school.


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