Mr. Charles Caldwell
Human Resources Director, English Schools Foundation (ESF)

Originally from Canada, Charles holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Administrative Studies, Post-Graduate Diploma in Asia Pacific Management Studies and MBA from the Kellogg – HKUST program. In 2001 the Asia Pacific HR community recognized Charles with fourawards including China Staff magazine’s prestigious HK Manager of the Year Award. In 2002 Charles was nominated for “Outstanding Contribution to HR in Hong Kong & China.” Charles has also received several other Hong Kong HR Awards and ERC service awards.

At 16 years old, Charles started his career as an entrepreneur in Toronto. The success of his company landed him on the cover Canadian Business Magazine. The formative years as a general manager planted a fascination for everything leadership, culture and insightful. After joining Landmark Education, Charles moved to Hong Kong in 1996 where he worked for Achieve Global, Rockwell Automation Citrix Systems and Juniper Networks in senior APAC HR roles. In April 2011, Charles career had a change of season when he became the Head of HR for English Schools Foundation.

In November 2014 Charles delivered a Hong Kong TedX Talk entitled, “Leading Through the Green Light.” The TedX talk can be viewed here:


How to Shift Growth Mindset from the Learning Environment into the Leadership Environment

There is a transformation taking place in Global Corporate as huge companies transform their management styles from fixed mindset practices to growth mindset practices. Meanwhile, as teachers master growth mindset practices in the learning environment – is the same mastery being practiced in the leadership environment. Are schools and education systems taking the lead of classroom practitioners and corporate gurus? To truly give students the best chance at life, shouldn’t we be emulating the work force of the future as much as possible in our own hallways? In this session, drawing on research from neuroscience, the Neuroleadership Institute and leading global company practices, Charles Caldwell will open the door to a new world of leadership.

Expected outcomes:

  • Learn how growth mindset IS being applied in corporate leadership
  • Learn how growth mindset CAN be applied in a school leadership setting
  • Understand the pitfalls of where growth mindset might not be applied “in the hallway”
  • Understand how critical well-being is to implement effective growth mindset leadership practices

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