Mr Cheung Siu Ming,
Principal, Creative Secondary School

Cheung Siu Ming attended St Joseph’s College before going to the UK to study for his degree & teaching qualification at the University of Bristol. He taught in London and was a Lambeth Education Department Adviser before returning in 1994 as Vice-Principal of West Island School. In 2001 ESF appointed him as a project director to plan its two new schools, Renaissance & Discovery Colleges. When the Canadian Overseas International College collapsed, ESF rescued and renamed it as Phoenix International School, appointing him as Principal to steer Phoenix as the forerunner of RCHK. In 2006 he was appointed founding Principal of Creative Secondary School. CSS became Hong Kong’s first local IB World School, delivering the local curriculum through the IB Middle Years Programme. Its students have been graduating with either the IB or HK Diploma since 2012.


The Crucial Contribution of Middle Leadership Capacity for Innovation

In the rapidly changing world of globalization, knowledge-based economy, AI, new technologies, environmental concerns and social justice challenges, it is essential for schools to innovate. This session will bring to delegates’ attention the need to facilitate students’ all-round development, and will ask them to consider the capabilities and attributes students need to contribute positively as future citizens of the world. Innovation will be discussed in the context of IB World Schools and the requirements for IB World Schools to periodically self-evaluate and innovate will be outlined. The speaker will draw upon the IB’s commissioned research “A Distributive Perspective on Middle Leadership” (Bryant & others 2018) to discuss Distributive Leadership as a developmental process that is entwined with a school’s organizational culture, and the challenges involved. This will lead into a discussion around the crucial contribution of Middle Leadership capacity to building to a school’s sustainable development, and the speaker will provide practical examples of how Middle Leadership is conceptualised and operationalised to meet its specific developmental challenges.

Expected Outcomes of the Presentation:

The speaker aims to show how Middle Leadership is conceptualised and operationalised to meet its specific developmental challenges.

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