Mr. James Haworth
Lead Teacher Learning Technology Shatin Junior School, English Schools Foundation

James is a passionate educator who enjoys creating meaningful, memorable and relevant learning experiences for students (because that’s the way he likes to learn as well). He believes that students should leave the classroom with skills and knowledge that they can apply in their own personal fields of interest. He makes learning hands-on and as collaborative as possible. He finds ways of combining the digital with the real world.

James has been in education for 13 years, having taught in schools in UK, Spain, Thailand and Hong Kong. He started his career as a classroom teacher and his passion has led him into Learning Technologies, where he can further develop his specialised skill set. James is a Google Certified Trainer and an advocate for Makers Ed.

When not teaching he likes to leave the tech at home and get out and about, exploring Hong Kong’s beaches, trails and waves with his wonderful family.


Digital Design – Designing in a virtual environment with a Makers Mindset

Have you ever wanted to have a go at 3D modelling but ended up creating a trinket or a keyring?
Have you ever seen the passion and enthusiasm that students have for virtual environments?

Students spend a lot of time online in virtual creative environments, such as Roblox or Minecraft. They are adept at navigating virtual environments because they are motivated and they have fewer restrictions than when they create in the real world. In this workshop we will explore how to harness students’ enthusiasm for virtual creative environments, while extending or consolidating learning that has happened in the (real world) classroom. Applying the principals of Makers Ed to the virtual world can increase student motivation and engagement.

This workshop will be practical. Bring a laptop or Chromebook so you can have a go too!

During this workshop participants will:

Participants will have:
– an understanding of which platforms are age appropriate, including pros and cons
– an increased familiarisation with platforms such as Cospaces and/or Tinkercad
– an understanding of how they can be used in a primary context
– tinkered, designed and tweaked.
– have confidence to go back to their schools with the basics to be able to facilitate design centred learning engagements using some easy to access (cheap or free) age appropriate platforms.

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