Dr. Jamie Chiu
Psychologist and Head of School Mental Health Program Development, The Brightly Project

Dr. Chiu is a clinical psychologist who was selected as a Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2016 for her work in developing novel digital depression detection tools.

In 2017 she started The Brightly Project with the mission to enhance mental health services in schools using technology, and leveraging her experience of working closely with youth and schools where she has been researching and validating mental health interventions since 2011.

In 2018 The Brightly Project was awarded Gold at the Hong Kong ICT Awards for their digital mental health program for schools. (And previously won Silver in 2017 for their mental health advice app for youth).
Jamie has also worked as a school counsellor, family therapist, and instructor at City University of Hong Kong teaching Statistics and Research Design. Jamie also co-founded a positive youth development organisation that delivered mental health services to local and international schools across Hong Kong from 2012 – 2015.

Jamie earned a bachelor of psychology from the University of Adelaide and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Alliant International University, specializing in adolescent emotions.


Content without context – in the age of streaming, content-at-your-fingertips, and fake news, how schools can help at-risk, vulnerable students find appropriate resources and support for the topics they are too afraid or embarrassed to ask an adult for?

When asked, “Who do you turn to for advice and help?” 85% of students responds with “The internet”.

As a psychologist and former school counsellor, Dr. Chiu has met numerous students who have kept their problems hidden because they were not comfortable reaching out to an adult at school — yet almost all of them have tried to search for help or advice online.

But the internet can be difficult terrain for vulnerable students to navigate, riddled with cyberbullying, questionable sources, and unreliable advice. So much so that most students don’t even find the answers they initially sought to find, and end up feeling even more confused, alone, and disconnected.

Not only does this lead to poorer outcomes on all fronts — academically, socially, emotionally — but can also lead to disruptive and problematic behaviours, where students become harder to engage and reach, and can even spiral into unforeseen crises

During this workshop participants will:

Dr. Chiu will share learnings from having designed and implemented social and emotional development programs for schools throughout the years on:
-how educators can bridge the digital-divide to engage students to trust and seek help from the school
-how to cultivate smart digital citizenship among students to help them make sense of what they see online.

Furthermore, she will describe an innovative school-based digital program that helps students to unpack their problems, figure out why they’re feeling what they’re feeling, what they can do, and where they can go to for help and support (in school, and outside of school).

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