Dr. Jamie Schmitz
Head of Primary, Renaissance College (ESF)

Jamie Schmitz has served as the Head of Primary at Renaissance College Hong Kong since 2011 and has been an international educator for the past 20 years. Jamie was awarded his doctoral degree after conducting research into the efficacy of coaching psychology as an intervention to facilitate self-directed learning in teachers. He is an avid and active coach and coach trainer with a particular interest in developing person-centred coaching models.


Person-Centred Coaching – An Introduction to the In-to-Action Coaching Model

His own research into coaching has convinced him that learners benefit from identifying their core qualities such as strengths, purpose, and values before setting goals and planning actions. This approach helps people to tune into to their current reality and story, discover what is meaningful and motivating, and clearly visualise and describe their ideal future.

This quick-fire, 90-minute workshop will introduce you to a person-centred approach to coaching through the experience of actually being coached. The In-to-Action coaching model offers a step-by-step process that is easy to understand and use. In a nutshell, this is experiential learning.

During this workshop participants will:

  • Have a basic understanding of a person-centred approach to learning and coaching
  • Have a direct experience as a coach of the person-centred In-to-Action coaching model
  • Have knowledge of how this approach might be used with learners of all ages

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