Kathy Binns, 
Head of Science, Branksome Hall Asia, Korea

Kathy Binns, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed., is an educator with over twenty years of problem-based teaching and learning experiences. She is currently teaching MYP science and IBDP biology at Branksome Hall Asia and has taught at International schools around the world since 2004. Prior to teaching internationally, Ms. Binns was a registered Nursing Instructor at North Island College, BC, Canada. Her lived experiences provide Ms. Binns with a global context that is instrumental in the creation of activities that promote collaborative learning. She has found that Interdisciplinary Projects give students the opportunity to discover that better solutions may be found when issues are seen from different perspectives.


Innovation at large-scale: Curriculum Innovation with MYP Interdisciplinary Units (IDUs)

This session will inspire teachers and administrators to develop inspired learning experiences for girls related to design, technology, and science. We will share examples of MYP Interdisciplinary Units (IDU) that link design, technology, science, and service. We introduce how these experiences, structured around the MYP design cycle and focused on empowerment, global citizenship, and academic rigor, have energized and excited our girls at Branksome Hall Asia to research design solutions for issues of significance.  From creating and coding micro-greenhouses, developing oil spill recovery robots, to using biomimicry to address global climate change, we hope our examples will inspire. We will share strategies, approaches, and considerations that we have identified as key to successful interdisciplinary units.

During this workshop participants will:

* Increased knowledge and understanding of the framework necessary to create sustainable IDUs within the IB MYP curriculum
* Learn about tools and strategies that can help support the implementation of IDUs at a large-scale
* Identify methods to strengthen IDU units in the IB MYP curriculum

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