Kay McCabe 
Head of Humanities, Nexus International School Malaysia

They are a team of teachers from Nexus International School in Malaysia with over 30 years of secondary teaching experience, across core subjects, and school leadership responsibilities. They have worked in both the UK and international schools. They are united by their passion for pedagogical theory and putting this into practice.


Learning to Remember: The Science of Learning – Research in Practise

A session for all teachers interested in finding out the science behind learning and identifying practical and easily implemented examples of how you can apply this in the classroom. Examples will come from a range of secondary subjects, focused around GCSE curriculum.

They will be focusing on practical strategies based on diagnostic assessment, efficiency in marking, retrieval practice, revisiting over time and learner retention.

This session will be delivered collaboratively. All strategies discussed have been tried across 4 key subject areas and had a positive impact on learning to date. And in the spirit of revisiting over time, this is continually being developed by us and hopefully you!

During this workshop participants will have:

  1. Better understanding of the science behind learning and an understanding of the positive impact this has on our learners.
  2. Practical strategies, including take away ideas of activities to use in the classroom.
  3. Suggested reading and resources to aid you to share this with your colleagues and embed it into your practice/school context.