Ms Kristel Solomon-Saleem
Director of Learner Support at Hong Kong Academy

Kristel Solomon-Saleem is the Director of Learner Support at Hong Kong Academy. She is a graduate of Temple University with degrees in Elementary and Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. Kristel’s passion for teaching and learning has led her to work closely with the Next Frontier Inclusion as a workshop leader and Design Team Support member. She has had the opportunity to lead workshops for: Special Education Needs In Asia Conference (SENIA), Eastern Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS), Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) and contribute to the IB Guidelines for Inclusive Education.


Collaboration through Teaching Partnerships

Collaboration is critical to successful working relationships. The Continuum for Effective Teaching Partnerships was developed by Kristel Solomon Saleem and Virginia Hunt for the Next Frontier Inclusion Tool Kit as a framework to support teaching teams in developing effective teaching partnerships. That will allow teachers to apply a common understanding and language. It supports teaching teams in exploring the complexities of working collaboratively on an ongoing basis. The continuum follows 4 strands; roles and responsibilities, curriculum development, instructional approach and leading and adult learning. The continuum recognises the developmental stages teaching teams experiences in their teaching partnerships and ranges for observing and exploring to leading, modelling and mentoring. The continuum is applicable and appropriate for various teaching roles and age ranges throughout a school.

During this workshop participants will:

Participants will be introduced to the Continuum for Effective Partnership and will follow a protocol that they can apply in their learning environment to develop effective teaching partnerships. The protocol will support teaching teams in finding a common language and understanding of the continuum strands and stages. Participants will explore exemplars of descriptors to support developmental growth of teaching partnerships.


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