Ms. Lucy ( Hoi Yin) Wong
Teacher, Concept-Based Curriculum Design Trainer and Presenter, Researcher, Author
Kennedy School, English Schools Foundation 

Lucy Wong, Ph.D. attendant, Concept-Based Curriculum Design trainer, and presenter, Action Research Coordinator, author of PYP readers and a teacher.

In the last few years, Lucy has been leading the action research in three ESF primary schools. Many international schools adopted the Generative and Integrative Approach designed by Lucy in the Asia Pacific.

Currently, Lucy engages herself in concept and literacy-based curriculum design, training and leading educators in the transition into a comprehensive and practical curriculum aiming to add values onto the current curriculum. She also engages herself in developing leveled literacy resources.


Transiting to Concept and Literacy Based Curriculum ( Chinese as an Additional Language Curriculum)

In this session, the presenter will:

  • share the innovative approach to design Chinese curriculum under the Generative and Integrative Approach
  • share the finding of the action research on impacts of the Generative and Integrative Approach
  • share how to design concept based and literacy-based curriculum

During this presentation participants will:

Participants include teachers, leaders, curriculum coordinators, and school leaders will be guided to understand how the innovative approach works and how it impacts students motivation, language proficiency and the development of thinking skill to support students agency; to be equipped with the tools of the Concept-based curriculum design; to be informed how leveled literacy resources will be developed to support students agency. It will support schools on the way to transiting their current curriculum to a concept based and literacy-based curriculum.

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