Ms. Yiannie Lin
Year 13 Student, King George V School, English Schools Foundation

Maegan and Yiannie are both Year 13 students at King George V International School here in Hong Kong. Their interest in Coaching began in Year 10 when they started studying GCSE Psychology with their teacher Ray Heath and were trained in the skills. During Years 10 and 11 they took part in a number of different coaching practice and training sessions with other students and with teachers. They helped to plan and lead “Alice in Coachland” workshops (with a Wonderland theme) at the International Coaching Conference that KGV hosted in 2016. Maegan and Yiannie are both studying Higher Level Psychology on the International Diploma Programme. They are currently running a Coaching Club for senior students at KGV to provide a mutual skill exchange to help manage the many demands of their day-to-day lives. They are both delighted to have the opportunity to share their coaching experiences with conference delegates at this event.


Alice in Coachland – a High School Student’s Perspective

Maegan and Yiannie will present their ideas and experiences on

– What coaching means to them
– The key skills and values required
– Key considerations when planning and running a student-led session and/or a workshop
– How coaching skills contribute to well-being and a sense of community within a school

During this presentation participants will:

The presentation will provide delegates with an opportunity to learn from High School students themselves what inspired them to get involved with coaching, how it benefits them as learners, and how it enhances their relationships.

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