Ms. Rehana Shanks
Principal, Sha Tin Junior School, English Schools Foundation

Rehana took up post as Principal of Sha Tin Junior School in August 2019, moving from Edinburgh, Scotland with her family. She is the current serving Chair of BELMAS (British Educational Leadership Management Administration Society). Rehana completed her undergraduate degree at The University of Glasgow. She has a Masters Degree in Educational Management and Leadership and is in her final year of her Doctorate of Education, focusing on Human Capability Theory. Rehana is delighted to be working at Sha Tin Junior School where she can deploy her passion for teaching and learning and associated teacher learning.


Working within an inclusive classroom

This session focuses on inclusive working and collaborative learning in Schools, to put ideas in practice and create inclusive environments. Schools are a space where students and teachers spend a third of their lives, yet where they often have little control. Working within an Inclusive Classroom is the starting point and fundamental to inclusion and the core of best teaching practice.  The development of connected learning ecologies through shared learning spaces is a central element to achieving this aim and vision for teaching, learning and inclusion in a school environment. A connected learning ecology is about enabling and identifying the systems, structures, support mechanism and people involved in the learning community but also in enabling learning, developing action and praxis. This session is designed to help you think about your role within a inclusive environment as an educator and what interventions you can make in your own spaces both in cognitive participation and collective action to create capabilities.

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