Mr. Ross Parker
Director of Technology, Pedagogy & Assessment, International College Hong Kong – Secondary

Ross Parker is a teacher with a passion for engaging students around understanding, using, demystifying and building computer technologies. Ross is responsible for leading technology, pedagogy and assessment at International College Hong Kong – Secondary. As an educator, Ross is committed to giving students the choice and freedom to find their own passion, the support and encouragement to develop understanding and skills, and the intellectual tools and curiosity to make up their own minds about life.


Free Learning: Unlocking Student Potential in an Uncertain World?

International College Hong Kong (ICHK) and the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) will introduce ICHK’s innovative curriculum delivery approach “Free Learning”, the EdUHK research findings of this approach and how it can be implemented in different settings.

The presentation is centered around what Free Learning is, how it came to life and how it is perceived by students and teachers, focusing on the effect on the role of the teacher and students’ learning. The assumption is that this perspective on education provides a meaningful alternative to the current educational discourse that emphasizes high stakes testing and ranking.

During this presentation participants will:

The presentation is an example of a constructive and enriching collaboration between research and practice that can inspire other educators to reflect on how this researched innovative curriculum delivery approach could be applied in their context, also providing a strong theoretical underpinning. The session also aims to inspire the audience in looking at the purpose of education from a different perspective.

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