Mr. Russel Ellicott
Headteacher, Pate’s Grammar School (UK)

Russel Ellicott has been Headmaster at Pate’s Grammar School in Cheltenham since 2012. Pate’s is a Government funded school and consistently ranked in the Top 10 for academic outcomes in the UK.

Russel started his career as a teacher of History and before moving into leadership positions. He is a National Leader of Education, serves on numerous regional and national education advisory boards and leads training for Senior Leaders and serving Headteachers in the UK and overseas.

He regularly presents at conferences in the UK and internationally, talking about how Pate’s Grammar School is working with teachers and students in many countries to ‘Nurture Excellence’.


Learning Together – Nurturing Excellence in the UK and China

Over the last two years Pate’s Grammar School has been supporting high-ability students and their teachers at Hailing Foreign Language School in Zhuji. Chinese pupils have enrolled in a ‘Pate’s Class’ supported by on-line resources, virtual ‘TeachMeets’ and Pate’s style teaching resources.

The outcomes have been outstanding. Teachers are using new education research and thinking to plan and deliver challenging lessons and students have improved their grades and raised their aspirations – they are now aiming for Oxford or Cambridge University! Working collaboratively we really have ‘Nurtured Excellence’.

The ‘Pate’s Class’ support is based on our outstanding work in the UK, current education research and collaboration with other world-class schools. This session will focus on this unique provision, the benefits for staff and students at both schools and how it has changed our thinking on working internationally.

During this workshop participants will:

Delegates will understand how one of the best schools in the UK has worked with a large K-12 provider to improve the learning of teachers and students.
This model is transferable and delegates will understand how the ‘Pate’s Class’ could work in their environment.

We will consider how working collaboratively can help an education provider move from being ‘good’ to ‘World-Class’.



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