Mr. Stu Lowe
Learning Technology Specialist, Beacon Hill School, English Schools Foundation

Stu Lowe is an educator passionate about students using technology to learn through invention. He works as an EdTech and Making coach at ESF Beacon Hill School in Hong Kong. The school has become a global leader in the use of micro:bit across the primary school age range and often shares the students’ amazing creations at events across the region.


Explore, Tinker and Create with Micro:bit

BBC Micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer that enables students and educators to make amazing electronics infused creations. In this session, participants will work with experts to explore, tinker and play. You will learn to build wearable devices, code LED lights, make moving models and imagine new inventions you and your students could create. The session is suitable for any educators wanting to give coding opportunities to primary or secondary age students that go beyond the screen.

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