Ms. Wilma Shen,
IB CP Coordinator, Renaissance College

Ms. Wilma Shen works at the Renaissance College as the IBCP Coordinator. She holds a Master’s degree in Education from Monash University and has worked in a number of IB schools for the past 17 years. Wilma has been with Renaissance College for over 9 years, during which time she set up and pioneered the College’s scholarships programme, which has now grown to be a unique and leading model among international and local schools in Hong Kong. Wilma is also the Careers counsellor in charge of the “World of Work” programme for middle and high school students.

Wilma’s goal is to develop the IB Career-related Programme in Hong Kong, work on strategies for gaining university and employer recognition of the programme, and set up a CP school’s network in the Asia Pacific region to share resources, teaching practices and exchange ideas and strategies for the continued development of the programme in the future.


Inclusion Through Specialism

The aim of the session is to look at how a specialist approach to education meets the needs of certain students. We will focus on how the Career-related Programme (CP) supports and accelerates, within an IB educational framework and philosophy, students who have already gained a focus for their professional lives. The theme will be explored through both the views of students and the research literature, as to why this approach to education works so effectively for students with specific interests. Thus, a school taking on the CP is better able cater to the needs of more of its students.

During this workshop participants will:

  • Understand how specialised programmes provide an inclusive education
  • Explore how we can meet the needs of students with specialised interests
  • Discover how the Career-related Programme supports and develops students to meet their potential
  • Examine how schools can collectively support an inclusive education

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