Mr. Z. Amos Stamp-Jerabek
Director of Human Resources, Professional Learning, and Student Affairs, Korea International School, Jeju Campus

Mr. Z. Amos Stamp-Jerabek, MA, M.Ed. serves as the Director of Human Resources, Professional Learning, and Student Affairs at Korea International School, Jeju Camps. A founding member of the school in 2011 and with over ten years of international education experience, Amos’ research focuses on academic stress and emotional safety through the prism of neuroeducation. Currently a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins University School of Education in Brain, Mind, and Teaching, Amos earned master’s degrees in International Counseling and Social Policy and professional credentials in teaching and leadership.


Amos is investigating academic stress in South Korea, and its implications for student well-being, especially perceptions of emotional safety among middle and high school students. Academic stress and its impact on student well-being such as a high suicide rate and wish to emigrate present challenges for the society, the government, as well as individual families and their children. Despite the rapid expansion of international schools in South Korea over the past twenty years, excessive focus on competition continues to hinder student personal and academic growth. Stress impedes information processing and learning. Research shows that stressful situations prevent working memory from attending to a task as emotional distress cripples a person’s intellectual ability to learn Academic stress among secondary school students at Korea International School, Jeju Campus (KISJ) manifests itself by overload, which is driven by what is among other cultures traditionally considered protective factors of the individual, family, school.

People will become familiar with some of the latest empirical research, become aware of some of the deeper socio-cultural norms, and become better equipped when working with South Korean students and their families. Further, people will appreciate the interdisciplinary approach to 21st-century student engagement and learning, while having access to a stress-reduction toolbox.

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