The conference will bring the education world’s great speakers to Hong Kong to educate and inspire education professionals as they look to educate and inspire the next generation of world leaders.

AISC 2019 Speakers
Alexander Gardner-McTaggart
Andrew Wailes
Charles Caldwell
Cheung Siu Ming
Clark Stroupe
Connie Kenny
David Sheehan
Derek Pinchbeck
Elke Van dermijnsbrugge
Gareth Johnson
Helen Trethewey
Jamie Schmitz
Karen Killeen
Kierstan Connors
Kristel Solomon-Saleem
Lam Tung-Fei
Lianne Lim
Louise Browne
Louise Penrice
Lucy ( Hoi Yin) Wong
Maegan Chan
Mark Harrison
Mark Steed
Martha Collard
Monita Sen
Owen Pescod
Paul Campbell
Rehana Shanks
Rob Street
Ross Parker
Russel Ellicott
Sam Fraser
Sandra Webster
Shelley Moore
Soleiman Dias
Stu Lowe
Stuart Clive Jones
Trish Oliver
Virginia Hunt
William Houldsworth
Yiannie Lin

More speakers are yet to be announced. Stay tuned!