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COBIS is a membership association of British International Schools of global quality and corporate Supporting Members. Representing over 500 member organisations, COBIS is a responsive organisation, open to current and future opportunities. The association has developed markedly since its foundation, changing to meet the needs and aspirations of its growing global school membership base.


Founded in 1968, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit foundation which now offers four high-quality and challenging educational programmes to students aged 3-19 years old. Our unique curriculum and high academic standards champion critical thinking and flexible learning for 1.5 million students in over 5,000 schools across 153 countries. To find out more, please visit

The Special Education & Inclusion Association (SENIA) is an association of educators, professionals, and parents reaching regions throughout Asia and beyond. Our mission is to advocate for and provide resources/supports for differently abled individuals. Our vision is to live in an inclusive world where every individual is supported, resources are accessible, potential is maximized, and action is inspired. SENIA hosts an annual conference, including one that is joint with EARCOS every three years. For more information please check out the SENIA website:

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