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It has become clear through talking to schools and education professionals that there is little requirement for another schools conference. What there is however is a need for a place where education professionals can come together to address the need to do things differently. A space where through engineered serendipity we can connect with like-minded educators to adapt teaching methodologies that suit the modern student in today’s classroom. The conference programme is carefully designed for the specific needs of Asia-Pacific based schools and will give participants actionable strategies to takeaway and implement in classrooms today.


Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference 2021 themes

The sixth annual Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC) for international school leaders, educators and investors in the Asia Pacific region, will take place in Hong Kong from 8th to 9th December 2021.

An exciting programme of world-renowned education experts will present topical issues to an anticipated audience of 400+ international school leader delegates. Principal themes for AISC 2021 will be:

-Reimagining Education

-Leadership in Education

-How do teachers nurture long term student wellbeing?

-Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in International Schools

In early 2020 the spread of COVID-19 across the world disrupted the daily lives of all of us. The things that we regarded as normal routines – school, work, getting groceries, meeting friends, among others – were upended in our effort to contain the transmission of the virus. At one point 90 per cent of the world’s learners – more than 1.5 billion students - were being affected by school closures, according to OECD estimates.

This unprecedented experiment in digital learning has stimulated the debate about the current structure of classroom practice and the need for far-reaching changes. The Covid crisis has brought all aspects of learning, assessment and students well-being in to focus.

In this stream at AISC we will explore how educators can use what has been learned during the Covid crisis to make positive changes to the education system. Drawing on the research and ideas of leading experts AISC will provide an opportunity to consider where changes are required to ensure that the children of the fourth industrial revolution receive an education that is fit for purpose.

The quality of school leadership is one of the most significant factors contributing to high-quality student learning worldwide. School leaders often develop greater interactivity with children, helping them achieve greater engagement with learning and better results. Developing school leaders is therefore key to improving school education in Asia and across the world.

This stream will bring together the leading experts in the region and act as a launchpad for an exciting new long-term initiative to mentor and support leaders in education.

How educators teach and interact with students creates a ‘learning climate’ that encourages positive student learning and wellbeing. This stream will cover the key elements that support learner agency, relationships, resilience and all the components that make learning enjoyable and a positive experience. Purpose and social connections are at the very heart of eudaimonic wellbeing and we will explore how these virtues can be adopted and amplified to help ensure students achieve their individual learning potential.

Racial and cultural diversity is very much a part of all international schools in Asia-Pacific. To celebrate this diversity, and cultivate harmony and respect for all peoples, educators must nurture equality and inclusion within the classroom. This may include racial and cultural prejudices picked up from their neighbourhoods, pop culture, and their families. Educators can help combat prejudice and racial discord by supporting positive behaviours among students, fostering a sense of belonging for all students and their families, and instilling respect for all peoples regardless of race, religion or sense of identity. Society is changing and international schools must reflect these changes, this stream is to form part of an ongoing discussion as to how this change can be affected.


We look forward to welcoming you at AISC

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2021-12-8 (Wednesday)
2021-12-9 (Thursday)


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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