It has become clear through talking to schools and education professionals that there is little requirement for another schools conference. What there is however is a need for a place where education professionals can come together to address the need to do things differently. A space where through engineered serendipity we can connect with like-minded educators to adapt teaching methodologies that suit the modern student in today’s classroom. The conference programme is carefully designed for the specific needs of Asia-Pacific based schools and will give participants actionable strategies to takeaway and implement in classrooms today.


Inclusive Education
Inclusive education is about how we develop and design our schools, classrooms, programs and activities so that all students learn and participate together. The IB Curriculum defines inclusion as “an ongoing process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers”. But how are schools and teachers implementing this ongoing process and what are the challenges? This stream will explore the very best thinking on how to achieve better inclusion in the classroom with powerful keynote speakers and deep-dive workshops to help educators really make a difference.

Business in Education
All across the Asia-Pacific region we see a growing demand for the different types of education that international schools are able to offer. But planning and building new schools in any part of the world is challenging. How is investment in international schools changing? In this stream we will explore market data and analyse where the best opportunities lie, we will include legal and regulatory aspects, student acquisition and school fee structures. Plus curriculum, campus design and pedagogical positioning, teacher recruitment and case studies from experienced educationalists who have opened successful new international schools.

Innovation in education
We see innovation and disruption in every sphere of our lives. Whether it is because of new technology or simply new ideas, our world is changing and so are our schools. Teachers and students have access to more tools and more information than ever before. Schools are open to adaptive learning structures which allow students to control their own learning journey (student agency) whist learning and collaborating with their classmates. Artificial Intelligence in its many forms is beginning to enter into education with often surprising applications and results. This stream will explore some of these innovations in education and provide educators with practical ideas that may be used to improve learning outcomes in the classroom.

Leadership in Education
The education landscape is changing as schools across all age levels wrestle with the need to adapt learning and teaching practices to suit the needs of 21st century learners. Any kind of change process requires strong leadership to gain the support and trust of all stakeholders and communicate properly the plans and actions that are taking place. In a world where good examples of leadership seem to be diminishing this stream will help those who are already in leadership positions as well as those who aspire to be, to understand the different styles and important key traits that make for great leaders in education.




Case Studies

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