If you enjoy listening to and debating innovative school and learning issues, please do not miss the Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference (AISC) coming up this December 14th and 15th at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

At AISC 2017 world renowned educators discuss and debate topical and important change issues, chosen by Asia-Pacific international school educators.

This is your chance to join AISC as a guest speaker and thought leader, presenting your insights into education to your peers at international schools in the Asia-Pacific region.

We wish you all a fruitful semester and we look forward to welcoming you at AISC!

AISC 2017 Keynote Speakers

Some Questions that AISC 2017 Speakers will debate:

Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • What is the right balance between an appropriate level of academic rigor and educating students in a healthy, safe and balanced way?
  • How do school communities ensure they provide healthy environments for all?
  • How do educators detect changes in student behaviour that need investigating and addressing/supporting?
Early Years Pedagogy
  • How is Early Years learning changing?
  • What new practices are being introduced to govern early childhood care and learning?
  • How do Early Years educators balance play and learning?
  • Are assessment tools able to provide evidence of young children’s learning and development? 
Transforming Learning
  • What are the latest creative toolkits and practical technologies for use in the classroom?
  • How do we unleash the intelligence of students?
  • How do we achieve a nimble balance between digital and physical platforms?